The Landscaping Dept. accepts private and commercial discounted contracts that avail students work-study opportunities. The donations made to the school by the sponsors/clients are used to offer scholarships and subsidies to orphans, and indigent students at all levels in the school. In addition, some of the funds are used for repairs, and replacement of worn out and or damages equipment.


The Welding and Metal Works Dept. accepts discounted private and commercial contracts, that expose our students opportunities for work-study programs outside the campus, including aluminium/ almaco windows. All proceeds from such jobs are used for scholarships, and subsidies of school fees, and purchase of workshop tools and materials for educational purposes.

Paint Manufacturing and Painting Dept.

Our school accepts private and commercial contracts for manufacturing paints, as well as painting projects. All jobs are guaranteed for six months. Proceeds from the contracts are used to provide scholarships, and subsidies to needy students, as well as purchase of workshop tools, and teaching materials.

Donations and Discount Contracts

Please call the Business Manager Mr. Maduforo Adiele at 0818 272 6040 to schedule a visit to discuss donations, and or contract matters, Mondays through Thursdays, from 09.00 hrs to 16.00 hours. You may also want to visit our school campus during the same hours given here. Your visit to our campus will be gratefully appreciated.

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